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Guide d’éducation sexuelle pour le nouveau millénaire

General public, 14 +

Detailed schedule

Date Heure Location
17 February 2022 07 h 30 La Nouvelle Scène Gilles Desjardins
18 February 2022 07 h 30
19 February 2022 07 h 30

A Théâtre P.A.F. production
A Théâtre Catapulte presentation
Play by Olivier Sylvestr
Directed by Gabrielle Lessard

Creative Team

Play by Olivier Sylvestre
Directed by Gabrielle Lessard
Assistant director Marie-Anick Blais
Scenography Elen Ewing
Costumes Robin Brazill
Makeup Justine Denoncourt
Lights Cédric Delorme-Bouchard
Sound Laurier Rajotte
Movement Marie-Ève Archambault
Set assistant Étienne René-Contant
Stage manager Jasmine Kamruzzaman
Production manager Elsa Posnic
Technical director Dominic Dubé
Performed by Chloé Barshee, Samuel Brassard and Guillaume Rodrigue

A comedy against the backdrop of Y2K, three young adults rush to discover their sexuality… in all their awkwardness

August 1999. The end of the world is near, and so’s the end of high school. The shadow of the Y2K bug hangs over Oli and So’s desires — also, no one’s taught them why or how to make love. And then Ben appears, this magnetic being who has so superbly entered adulthood. Identities, shift, taboos rise, and sex becomes a target to hit before the charge towards the new millennium takes everything away.

Playwright Olivier Sylvestre (La Beauté du monde, noms fictifs) surprises us with a frank and direct work, anchored in a past still burning with all its doubts. Théâtre P.A.F. and director Gabrielle Lessard (Déterrer les os, ICI) take up this intimate and agitated guide to share with us their desires and quest for sense… in every sense of the word.

Play in French, surtitled in English.