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Laitue Matinal·e

General public
75 minutes

Detailed schedule

Date Heure Location
1 March 2022 07 h 30 La Nouvelle Scène Gilles Desjardins
2 March 2022 07 h 30
3 March 2022 07 h 30
4 March 2022 07 h 30
5 March 2022 07 h 30

Play by Lionel Lehouillier
Directed by Matt Miwa
A Théâtre du Trillium, Théâtre Catapulte and Lionel Lehouillier coproduction

Creative Team

Co-creation Lionel Lehouillier et Dillon Orr
Directed by Matt Miwa
Dramaturgy advisor Isabelle Kirouac Massicotte

Laitue Matinal-e is like the Trojan War: it’s a show that will never take place.

Antony will never be emperor.

Cleopatra will always die.

Caesar will always be Caesar.

Lionel will never be a woman.

Xavier will never be a man.

They will always speak French.

And Rome will fall.

Rome must always fall.

Laitue Matinal-e is the project of transmasculine artist artist Lionel Lehouillier, who uses the work to ask questions of the binarity of the French language.