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Manman la mer

General public
60 minutes

Detailed schedule

Date Heure Location
20 April 2023 07 h 30 La Nouvelle Scène Gilles Desjardins
21 April 2023 07 h 30
22 April 2023 04 h 00

By Djennie Laguerre
A Théâtre Catapulte production

Creative Team

Text and performance Djennie Laguerre

Director and space design Kamana Ntibarikure

Music and creative support Sara Rénélik

Movement Émilie Jabouin

Composition and sound environment Elena Stoodley

Lighting and projections Shawn Henry

Costumes Isabelle Bélisle

Assistant director and stage manager Katie Rochford

Production direction, surtitles and technical advices Kyle Ahluwalia

Scenography and set construction advisor Benoît Brunet-Poirier

Tour management Lani Martel

Interpretation of traditionnal song Nan Lakou A: Ferline Regis

Manman la mer is the story of Marjolaine, who has the ability to see into the future. At her mother’s insistence, she rejects her gift of clairvoyance. Now twenty-six years older and suffering from a mysterious and incurable illness, she has no other choice than to travel to Haiti and surrender to the healing powers of her grandmother, Manman la mer… but is Manman a midwife? A mystic? Or is she just a loving grandmother?

Manman la mer shines a light on women and Haitian spirituality, and explores themes of mother-daughter relationships with humor and authenticity, all to the beat of traditional Haitian storytelling.