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Grand public
90 min.

Detailed schedule

Date Heure Location
3 May 2023 07 h 30 La Nouvelle Scène Gilles Desjardins
4 May 2023 07 h 30
5 May 2023 07 h 30
6 May 2023 04 h 00

Text Ivan Viripaev
Director Manolis Antoniou

Production Théâtre Catapulte

Creative Team

Text Ivan Viripaev
Translations into French Tania Moguilevskaia and Gilles Morel, into English Cazimir Liske
Directed Manolis Antoniou
Cast Danielle Le Saux-Farmer and others to be announced

Four actors of different mother tongues tell the story of two married couples. Coloured by accents, the language becomes collaborative. These four narrators take us on a tangled journey of love and death, loyalty and chaos, truth and fiction. All they ask of the audience is to listen.

Manolis Antoniou, a Greek-born, polyglot artist, takes us on a fascinating exploration of our relationship to language. Linguistic diversity is a central element of the Ottawa region, where cultures meet and where politics colour our experience of the landscape. Despite its ubiquity, Antoniou examines a facet of language not often addressed in French-language theater: the accent. The intangible. Through our accents, language becomes collaborative. As we cross boundaries between first, second, third, and even fourth languages, there is a constant undercurrent — a negotiation through accent. As one speaks, the other listens, following the shape of the mouth, tracing turns of phrase, asking to repeat, ou répéter.

This is a bilingual show with English and French surtitles.