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General public
60 minutes

805-4821 is a trans coming out story made out of other stories: a dialogue from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, a half-remembered swim lesson, and an 80,000-word Facebook correspondence.

Initially created to be performed with a modified overhead projector, We Quit Theatre (Winnipeg) proposes a new version in the form of a virtual live-writing residency. 805-4821 explores notions of memory, identity and love in an apocalyptic era. Here, not all men are men.

Established in Winnipeg, We Quit Theatre is a performance project spearheaded by Gislina Patterson and Davis Plett. Their play 805-4821 is the recipient of the Buddies in Bad Times Vanguard Award for Risk and Innovation at the Summerworks Festival. They are currently working on i am your spaniel, or, A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare by Gislina Patterson.

Content warning: The text of this performance contains explicit references to sex, gender dysphoria, violent intrusive thoughts, and sexual trauma.

KIT 805

When buying (or reserving) a ticket*, you will receive by mail what you’ll need to participate to the performance. Enigmatic, no?

*Applicable to tickets bought or reserved before November 19th


For people with visual impairment, you’ll be able to follow the performance thanks to an actor reading the text in real time via a Zoom conference link.

Roundtables on transidendity

On November 24, Lionel Lehouillier, a trans artiste in the Ottawa region, is hosting two virtual roundtables, one in French and one in English :

  • In French at 6:30 PM – Les aliénations de la langue française : l’auto-identification au sein d’une langue et culture binaire
  • In English at 8:00 PM – Hamlet and their ghost : The feeling of dissociation within the trans experience

Click here for more details and to reserve. 

The presentation of this play as well as activities surrounding the performance are supported by Bilingual Ottawa, a project of ACFO Ottawa financed by the Government of Canada.

There will be shows in English and in French.

Excerpt :

«Facebook Messenger, Dec. 9th, 2017:


GISLINA: here’s what ultimate Gislina looks like:

They have a pickup truck and no job

and are out

DAVIS: the ghost of ultimate gislina future

is revving their pickup truck in approval!

GISLINA: i hope they’re patient enough to wait for me!

do you know what ultimate davis looks like?

DAVIS: walks out on the past,

traverses sadness and obsession,

never drives their car again

GISLINA: i can’t wait to meet them


This is an excerpt an 80,000 word Facebook correspondence

written by me and Gislina Patterson between August 2017 and January 2018

during the time I was supposed to be researching this movie.

Gislina and I call this correspondence THE NOVEL because

although we wrote about many real things

(tv shows we liked,

our relationships,

what we’d call our band if we had one)

it is also very long

only interesting to the people who wrote it,

and mostly fiction.

In early December,

when we write these messages about our ultimate selves,

Gislina doesn’t have a pickup truck,

it takes me an hour to drive into the city,

and we aren’t out.

Instead, we’re playing Hamlet and Ophelia. »

2020-2021 Season

Date Location
26 November 2020 Online In French
26 November 2020 In English
27 November 2020 In English
27 November 2020 In French
28 November 2020 In French
28 November 2020 In English

Creative Team

Director and Dramaturg: Gislina Patterson
Written and performed by Davis Plett
Translated by Zoe Lambrinakos-Raymond