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Avant l’archipel

12 ans +
1 heure

Lénaïque the Magnificent cries each day in order to feed the fruit-dragons growing in the orchard of her peninsula. On Sunday, she travels to the market on the mainland to sell her wares; only this time she meets Brévalaire the Spectacular, a “knitter of allegorical tuques”. It’s a match made in heaven!

Two performers take the viewer on a journey filled with the excitement of new love, as experienced by their two very unique characters. The positioning of the seats on opposite sides of the stage plunges the audience into the action, and allows the fruit-dragons to share their own mythology: that of the peninsulas and the Je-me-souviens.

Avant l’archipel is a play that deftly mixes theatre, fairy tale, poetry, song, improvisation and audience participation, rendering each performance unique.

Avant l’archipel won the Coup de foudre and Acadie-RADARTS awards as part of the Contact ontarois event in January 2017. Designer Katia Talbot won the set design award at the Prix Rideau Awards in Ottawa in September 2016.

(Avant l’archipel is a translation of the English-language play Countries Shaped Like Stars, created by the Mi Casa Theatre company in Ottawa in 2009.)

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