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Foreign Radical

Grand public
70 minutes

Through a theatrical device combining installation and performance, Foreign Radical invites a small group of spectators into a bona fide theatrical game that explores notions of security.

Who among us has ever signed a petition or purchased something online? Who has ever set off the metal detector while walking through airport security? Or been searched or questioned at a border crossing? These questions not only help spectators acquaint themselves with their theatrical partners; they also lead them to question how they feel about the various mechanisms set up to ensure not only their own security, but by default, how they themselves are being watched.

Using an investigation into a suspected terrorist as backdrop, the show forces its participants to form opinions of one another and to make individual or group decisions in order to forward the game. The experience raises contemporary issues about freedom of expression, privacy in a digital world, and our concerns regarding “the other” in an era increasingly preoccupied by the fear of terrorism.

This show is presented as part of a double feature with Nombre. A package rate is available for both shows.

2019-2020 Season