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La plus grosse poutine du monde

Age: 10 - 14 ans
60 min

When Thomas was five, his mother made him the best poutine in the world. The next day, she disappeared. On his fourteenth birthday, Thomas decides to make the world’s biggest poutine in order to set a Guinness world record. He embarks on this mission in the hope of garnering the attention of his father, who is crippled by sadness, and filling the void left in the wake of his mother’s departure. Thomas will need the help of all of his friends and entourage in order to carry out this ambitious project, and overcome his many challenges.

This stage adaptation of the novel by Andrée Poulin presents a tender story of adolescence, abandon, friendship, and teamwork. It won the Coup de foudre SALUT! prize at the Contact Ontarois event in January 2019.

2018-2019 Season

2019-2020 Season