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Laitue Matinal·e

General public
75 minutes

In a trashy Roman-style karaoke bar, Lionel and Xavier lose themselves in the music and imagine a Shakespearian epic where they embody Antony and Cleopatra, all while slandering Caesar – the man, not the salad. Their desire to exist among the people pushes them to fight against an empire that overwhelms them.

It is with the coming of dawn that they rediscover their morning lettuce … eaten too fast from not having known it so ephemeral?

With a good dose of self-mockery, Laitue matinal·e (Morning Lettuce) examines who we are, who we are pressured to be, and the deeply rooted social desire to categorise absolutely everything. It is also an ode to beauty, to resilience, and to the fantastical, spiritual, and initiatory imagination of a community.

Laitue matinal·e is the project of transmasculine artist Lionel Lehouillier, in which he questions the binarity of the French language.

Other details:

  • English surtitles for the Friday April 14 show
  • Talkback with the artists after the Thursday April 13 show
  • Drags and Karaoke event after the Friday April 14 show. Hosted by Sami Landri, performance by Cyril Cinder, Ruby Foxglove and DJ Parfois. Starts at 9PM. Members of the public are invited to dress up in drag and participate with a karaoke number!

2022-2023 Season

Date Location
12 April 2023 La Nouvelle Scène Gilles Desjardins
13 April 2023
14 April 2023
15 April 2023

Matinées scolaires

Date Location
14 April 2023 La Nouvelle Scène Gilles Desjardins

Creative Team

Text Lionel Lehouillier
Staging and scenography Matt Miwa
Sound Simone Provencher
Set construction Érica Leblanc
Costumes and makeup Lari Jalbert
Translation for English surtitles Zoe Lambrinakos-Raymo
Lighting and technical director Florence Letarte
Stage manager Emily Payeur
Production manager Amélie Duguay

Cast Lionel Lehouillier et Xavier Gould