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Les employés

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Laser-sharp, this creation marks the return of creator Cédric Delorme Bouchard, who continues his journey between body, voice, and machine.

Can I trust my colleague? What do these nightmares mean? Am I (still) human? When mysterious objects are brought aboard the six thousandth ship of a powerful space exploration corporation, the fragile cohabitation of its human and look-alike employees breaks down and descends into violence. Adapted for the stage from the novel by Danish author Olga Ravn, THE EMPLOYEES is a spellbinding work by director and designer Cédric Delorme-Bouchard.

2021-2022 Season

Date Location
11 November 2021 La Nouvelle Scène Gilles Desjardins
12 November 2021
13 November 2021

Creative Team

Director, lights and scenography Cédric Delorme-Bouchard
Based on the novel Les employés, d’Olga Ravn, Adaptation by William Durbau and Cédric Delorme-Bouchard
Dramaturgy William Durbau
Assistant director Sabrina Dupras
Sound and original music Simon Gauthier
With the participation from the musical group Cydemind Score
Mouvement Danielle Lecourtois
Cosutmes Camille Jupa
Costumes assistant Jade Simard-Lemaire
Performers Mélanie Chouinard, Jennyfer Desbiens, Myriam Foisy, Jonathan Malenfant, Alexis Trépanier
Recorded voices Alex Bergeron, Marie-Anick Blais, Mélanie Chouinard, Nathalie Claude, Luc-Martial Dagenais, Jennyfer Desbiens, Nadia Desroches, Alain Fournier Gabrielle Lessard, Jonathan Malenfant, Sébastien René, Emanuel Robichaud, Lise Roy
Technical director and video Samuel Boucher
Original idea and
Idéation et laser design Cédric Delorme-Bouchard et Simon Gauthier
Photos Angelo Barsetti
CHAMBRE NOIRE artistic director Cédric Delorme-Bouchard
Administrative director Denis Lebel