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Grand public 14 ans +
90 minutes

A bare stage, a few chairs, a director and five actors playing themselves: does this even qualify as theatre? And yet, Sophie Gee offers a poignant creation that digs through the junkheap of our everyday failures and uncovers pearls of humanity and wisdom.

Queen of Dance, King of Hip-Hop, Prince of Finance: today’s idols are celebrated for their successes, no matter the cost. The performers of Lévriers – immigrants, for the most part – bravely step out of the spotlight to contemplate their own failures, sense of alienation, and broken dreams in a no-holds-barred fashion. Through them we will laugh, shed tears, and recognise ourselves… because deep down we all thrive to reach the top of this house of cards of success, even as it threatens, at any given moment, to topple over.

2019-2020 Season