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Madame Catherine prépare sa classe de troisième à l’irrémédiable

14 ans +
65 min

Welcome to Mrs. Catherine’s third-grade classroom. Your teacher understands the irredeemably violent and dangerous world you live in; which is why, on this last day of school, she has prepared an extremely important lesson for you. Your survival depends on it… but of course, nothing ever works out as planned.

In this play directed by Jon Lachlan Stewart (Big Shot, salle intime, Prospero 2017), Mrs. Catherine will drag you into her paranoia, her racial profiling and her obsession with security, not to mention her efforts in preparing for the ever-present threat of a mass school shooting. And yet, behind all of this paranoia hides an unspeakable reality. Madame Catherine is a strangely worrisome black comedy which reflects on our relationship to firearms; a monologue about the world we’ve made for ourselves, where tragedy looms around every corner and threatens every child and adult in the making.

2019-2020 Season