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Grand public
1 heure 15 min

Blurring the lines between stage and audience, Nombre is an interactive play that challenges the traditional role of the spectator, making it both a witness to, and a protagonist in, the experience that’s about to unfold.

As they enter the space, spectators receive an envelope containing directions. The outcome of the show depends on the ability of the audience to follow them. In the absence of any tricks, or technological distractions that have come to disrupt social interaction, they learn to adapt to the environment which surrounds them and come to accept their role as part of a community. Through humor, and under the helpful eye of its creators Marie-Renée Bourget Harvey, Krystel Descary, Claudine Ruelland and Alexandrine Welland, the participants are invited to help build a world which will reflect who they are. What follows is a unique and spontaneous, real-time theatrical experience that reinvents itself through each new performance; a moving and ephemeral piece of fiction that is the product of its own audience, which finds itself united through a series of intangible connections that weave a giant and invisible web.

The game is as simple as it is captivating. From it emerges a theatre of life, of the here and now, that is both delicate and luminous; an intimate and universal human experience that celebrates community, and strength in numbers. Notions of theatrical representation are thus completely transformed.

This show is presented as part of a double feature with Foreign Radical. A package rate is available for both shows.

2019-2020 Season