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ODE ou la vie après avoir regardé le soleil dans le blanc des yeux

General public
80 min.

Visionaries in Arkansas claim that the moon has fallen out of its orbit — that it is heading straight for the earth, where it will collide in 24 hours. Not without a dose of humor, a pack of friends meet for a party with the theme of the end of the world, in the mad hope of short-circuiting the inevitable. The night settles and stretches, a precipice where all dreams and excesses are allowed. While the ritual was only a game at the beginning, little by little, the doubt settles in. What if tomorrow really is the end?

A choral piece, ODE questions the collective ritual of the party and the power of solidarity to resist cynicism and panic.

2022-2023 Season

Date Location
24 May 2023 La Nouvelle Scène Gilles Desjardins
25 May 2023
26 May 2023
27 May 2023

Creative Team

Texte Antoine Côté Legault
Directed by Antoine Côté Legault and Lisa L’Heureux
Dramaturgy Lisa L’Heureux
Scenography John Doucet et Marie-Pierre Proulx
Lighting Tristan-Olivier Breiding
Sound design Martin Dawagne
Stage manager Pascale Courville
Scenography intern Karalee Stevens
Production manager intern Amélie Duguay

Cast David Bélizaire, Virginie Charland, Élaine Juteau, Caroline Lefebvre and Chloé Thériault.