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Princesse de personne

13 ans +
60 min

A princess is pretty, obliging, loving, generous, smiling, and delicate. She laughs, paints, sings, and dances. A princess is always well-coiffed and made-up, even in her sleep.

A princess is patient.

A prince will come.


Won’t he?

No, he probably won’t.

Three friends prepare for Halloween. Simone is disguised as a princess, and only asks to be loved. Eugénie rejects the “princess” concept, which reeks of patriarchy and symbolizes a weak woman who waits for a man to save her. Then there’s Philippe, who would like to be the armed and virile hunter his costume so clearly suggests. While the three friends party in an abandoned mansion in the depths of a mysterious forest, a network of vines begins to grow, eventually blocking the house’s only exit… Princesse de personne reaches its teenage audience through humor, raising questions pertaining to social and gender norms, as well as consent.

2018-2019 Season

2019-2020 Season

2020-2021 Season