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Documentary theatre dealing with the celibacy of women with a marked, cinematographic form

2021. Québec. For a long time, single women have been stereotyped as “old maids,” or “spinsters,” but today, these women can aspire to new models of life. Five of them, from different backgrounds and conditions, agreed to be followed and studied over a two-year period in order to testify to the singular paths they’ve taken in their quests for individual happiness. This play is the conclusion of these two years.

Based upon numerous interviews with single women aged thirty and over, SINGULIÉRES offers a privileged encounter with a handful of brilliant, fulfilled, lucid women who stand out from the crowd due to their relationships with coupledness, motherhood, the body, and society’s expectations. Alexandre Fecteau has been interested in documentary theatre for several years, and this play is in that vein, citing its sources directly and with negligible editing.

Play in French, surtitled in English.

2021-2022 Season

Date Location
18 November 2021 La Nouvelle Scène Gilles Desjardins
19 November 2021
20 November 2021

Creative Team

Play by Maxime Beauregard-Martin
Directed by Alexandre Fecteau
Assistant director Stéphanie Hayes
Set Ariane Sauvé
Costumes Jeanne Lapierre
Hair and make-up Nathalie Simard
Music Stéphane Caron
Lights Chantal Labonté
Video David B. Ricard
Dresser Géraldine Rondeau
General Stage Manager Keven Dubois
Stage manager Abel Longuépée
Sound manager Nicolas Désy

Performed by Frédérique BradetSavina Figueras, Danielle Le Saux-Farmer, Éva Saïda, Sophie Thibeault